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Coin Operated Countertop Encore

Coin Operated Countertop Encore

  • Industry First intuitive dynamic 3D user interface
  • Super bright 22” 16:10 High Definition LCD
  • Enhanced precision control Power Pad game controller
  • Outstanding 25 watt, 4 speaker high-fidelity sound system with a built-in sub-woofer
  • High speed 4GB Secure Digital (SD) storage media
  • High performance industrial game board with dedicated 3D engine
  • Integrated connectivity to the Media Stream; a revolutionary digital music delivery system (available 2009)
  • Enhanced thermal design significantly reduces overheating and fan associated noise
  • Optional sleek machine stand with 180° degree turntable,
    hide away cable compartments and security locks
  • Front access for ease of maintenance of electrical components
Sleek styling and advanced technology combine to bring you a countertop experience that is unrivaled. From the first touch you will glide through a 3D world where your visual and audio senses will demand nothing less.

Coin Operated Countertop Retro


  • Choreography of lights offers a new dimension to enhance gaming experience
  • 32 multi-color LED operator adjustable lights
  • Power Pad buttons glow with lights and offer intuitive precision control
  • Super-bright 17" LCD monitor with an extra-wide viewing angle
  • Proven Flash technology ensures reliability and consistent storage solutions
  • Quick Release feature allows for simple monitor and touchscreen access - no tools required
  • Unique and attractive wood grain finish and chrome accents
Harmonized halo lighting brings a new dimension to game play; the symphony of lights dance to your touch. The pleasure continues long after the game is over

Coin Operated Countertop Vortex

CoinOperatedCountertop Vortex

  • Revolutionary Power Pad adds a new dimension to game play
  • Super bright 17" LCD operator adjustable lights
  • Proven Flash technology monitor with extra-wide viewing angle
  • Unique transparent perimeter framed with lighting
  • Internal steel frame construction safeguards your money
The introduction of the Vortex in late 2005 was a defining moment in countertop design. Touchscreen games were taken to a new level; where the marriage of design and technology created a playfield begging to be touched. The proven reliability of Flash technology helped catapult the Vortex to # 1 in industry polls for 2006. The advantages of the Vortex continue to make this the Players choice.

Coin Operated Countertop Orion


  • 19" CRT monitor in which games come alive on
  • Sound System is amplified though a 4WT X 2 channel 16-bit system
  • Proven Flash Technology ensures reliability and consistent storage solutions
  • Sleek Design to suit any location

Orion's sleek design and chrome accents screams "play me". Introduced in 2003, this timeless classic continues to be the preferred upright. The attractive chrome footrest and backlit header sets a standard for luxury not before seen in the amusement industry. Front entry provides convenient operator access.


Coin Operated Aurora

Coin Operated Aurora

  • Vivid, wide-angle 19" LCD
  • Over 150 touchscreen games plus joystick games
  • Dynamic halo of light viewable from all directions
  • Operator-selectable and player-interactive light shows
  • Lighted marquee, joystick and buttons
  • Broadband LAN and Wi-Fi enabled
  • 700 bill stacker with 640 coin box capacity
  • Coin-only option with 1,280 coin box capacity
  • Quick access collection and service door
  • Glide tray-mounted electronics
  • 1-minute software update with Quick-Click drive
Merit’s Megatouch Aurora marks a revolutionary advance for touchscreen entertainment. The elegant, rounded design invites players with a dynamic multi-color light show that extends the game beyond the screen

Coin Operated Elite Edge

Coin Operated Elite Edge

  • Vivid, wide-angle 17" screen
  • Over 150 touchscreen games plus joystick games
  • Lighted marquee and accent lighting
  • Broadband LAN and Wi-Fi enabled
  • 700 bill stacker with 890 coin box capacity
  • Coin-only option with 1,650 coin box capacity
Take your players to the edge with this beautifully crafted console! Perfect for tabletops and low counters, the Megatouch Elite Edge is the sturdy workhorse with the giant cashbox

Coin Operated Entertainer

Coin Operated Megatouch Entertainer

  • Vivid, wide-angle 17" LCD
  • Over 150 touchscreen games
  • Free software updates plus Tournamaxx® with no per-play fees
  • $1,000 less than any other Megatouch
  • Half a million songs from the AMI music library
  • Music options – block songs with explicit lyrics or define a library of approved songs
  • Player-selectable volume within operator-defined range
  • Delivers rich, room-filling sound or softer tones for individualbooth use
  • Optional premium sound system mounts on unit for wide, spacious audio performance
  • Lighted marquee
  • Requires Broadband LAN or Wi-Fi for music and software updates
  • Mounts to any flat wall
  • Simple installation, no cut-out required
  • 300 bill stacker with 500 coin box capacity
Music and games together in one wall unit. Merit’s Megatouch Entertainer is the ultimate entertainment option for both diner booths and vending machine areas, allowing patrons to play cool games or hot new music from the AMI music network. This all-in-one unit enables operators to maximize profit from their existing locations, as well as target other single-room settings, such as lobbies, office break rooms, laundromats, and school cafeterias

Coin Opertated Fusion

Coin Operated Megatouch Fusion

  • Vivid, wide-angle 17" screen
  • Over 150 touchscreen games plus joystick games
  • Lighted marquee
  • Broadband LAN and Wi-Fi enabled
  • 700 bill stacker with 2,230 coin box capacity
The Megatouch Fusion is Merit’s compact, “cuddle-able” upright. With its sleek contours, flat LCD screen, and beautifully molded styling, the Fusion is a highly inviting upright cabinet for any environment

Coin Operated Golden Tee Live


  • 5 New Courses from Mt. Rushmore to Africa
  • Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE - Quick, Prize Play Feature
  • Upload Great Shot Replays to YouTube
  • New Hit List - featuring Dave Matthews Band
  • Glory Play featuring Random Tees
  • New Premium Clubs and Balls
  • Callaway and Oddyssey
  • New Customizable Clothing
  • FACTs and AdWiz compatible.

Golden Tee LIVE, the groundbreaking iteration of the video golf phenomenon, was the first of its kind to utilize wireless technology (provided by Sprint®) to allow players to compete in real-time, worldwide Golden Tee tournaments. Golden Tee LIVE represents the future of video golf and out-of-home video game experiences

Coin Operated Golden Tee Unplugged


  • Offline unit
  • Perfect for more casual locations
  • Perfect for replacing Golden Tee Fore
  • Easier game face to entice new players
  • Easier game play
  • Use Original and '07 Premium Clubs and Balls for Free (per game only)
  • Customize your Golfer with a Free Limited Selection (per game only)

Golden Tee Unplugged, IT's latest version of Golden Tee, is a more casual, offline edition of Golden Tee LIVE. With the same stunning courses and cutting edge graphics as LIVE, Unplugged offers players a more laidback video golf experience without taking away the competitive factor that has made Golden Tee the barroom staple it is today

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